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What does your circle of life look like? Let me help explain what and why things are happening in your life and why do you keep experiencing the same situations over and over again? In my weekly radio show, Again & Again, I talk about the energies of Astrology and give you tools to help stop repeating these patterns.

What is Intuitive Astrology and how is it different from regular Astrology? Traditional Astrology is the study of the placement of and the relationships between the planets and other heavenly bodies. Intuitive Astrology takes it a step further and allows Spirit to relay additional information that helps to explain not only the planetary placement, but also your life path and any possible past life issues.

The date, time and place of your birth are extremely important, for it is those circumstances that set into motion your life plan or Natal Chart. Most birth times are listed on your birth certificate, but if you unable to locate this piece of information, I can work with what I know about you and your planetary positions to determine what the appropriate rising sign (or Ascendant) will be. Be sure to check out my crystal chart for other helpful information based on your personal astrological influences.

If you just need a print out of your Natal Chart (just the map) you can visit this link to enter your information.

Let me help you find your unique gifts and what it is that you are here to do. We each have a special gift to share with the Universe, but we also have to learn to overcome life lessons or past life patterns in order to fully accomplish our hopes, wishes and dreams for ourselves. All of this information is available in a Natal Chart reading.

The natal chart is like building a house. The Sun is the main structure, the architecture and style and color. The moon is the heart of the home, where we get the most enjoyment, like cooking or working in the garden (Cancer) or talking on the phone (Gemini).  Saturn would be the tall ladder placed up to fix something and one must be very careful when climbing and not slip and climbing and climbing and climbing until finally you reach what you are trying to fix only to see that you forget the tool you need so you have so go back down and start over again. Pluto is the series of ladders and scaffoldings that one must climb and keep changing and moving until finally you get the right combination to reach what you want. 

Other charts and reports are also available, please view the Charts Page for more information on these different services. Like Astrology 4 U on Facebook to stay up to date with astrological information and upcoming events.

Please set up your reading with me today! . Thank you!

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