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Charts and Readings

All readings can be held over the phone or in person at the Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts located at 14401 Issaquah-Hobart Road Suite 303 in Issaquah, WA. Please email me at to set up an appointment today.

Natal Chart

This chart shows the energy imprint of the planets at the time of your birth. Your life lessons will be shown here, including what you are here to learn, your destiny path, what you are here to overcome, where you will make your biggest changes and what you are here to do again. Prices are $65 for a full reading or $20 for a interpretative report. You can use the influences of your natal chart to help you to determine what crystals will be most beneficial for you. Look at my crystal chart to find out more.

Natal Chart Full Reading $65
Natal Interpretive Report $20

Transit Report

As the planets continue to move throughout our lifetimes, they continue to affect and influence the planetary placement of your Natal Chart. A three month transit report will explain what is happening now, what energy is influencing your chart and what you need to work on during this three month period. Price is $20 for an interpretative report.

Transit Interpretive Report $20

Solar Return Chart

A solar return chart imprints the energy of the planets on your birthday every year and is location specific, so choose wisely where you will be on your birthday. This chart will show the energy you will be working with for the next year. Price is $65 for a full reading.

Solar Return Chart Full Reading $65

Relationship Charts

The natal charts of two people are combined in this reading to see what each person is teaching the other. Also, a relationship chart will show what Karma is owed between the two souls, how well the two souls will get along and where potential conflicts may arise. A relationship chart can be done for any two souls, whether romantic partners, work colleagues or family and friends. Price is $85 for a full reading.

Relationship Chart Full Reading $85

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