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Again & Again Radio Show - Thursdays 7:00 PM Pacific Time (US)

Join me each Thursday for Again & Again, co-hosted by Karen Downing. Each week, we examine a different Astrological event or influence, and discuss methods and tools to help with understanding and releasing these patterns. Watch and listen to us live each Thursday on, audio is also available on Blog Talk Radio . Archives are available for download approximately 2 days after each show.

Class - All about Pluto

In this class, learn all about Pluto and find out where you are destined to make the biggest transformation in your life. Pluto is also about issues relating to power and control. Find out how you can use the energy of your Pluto to help make changes in your life. Classes TBD, Cost is $25 per person.

Class - Saturn, our Teacher

This class is all about Saturn. Learn why Saturn is our teacher and what lessons your Saturn is here to show you. Our Saturn also shows us where we need discipline and responsibility in our life, and it keeps things in check when something becomes out of balance. Classes TBD, Cost is $25 per person.

Class - Chiron, our deepest wound

Chiron shows us where we have the deepest wound that we have brought forward from a past life. Sometimes this energy is buried so deep within us, that many souls do not even touch it in their lifetime. Once you have released your Chiron energy, this becomes a powerful tool for you to help heal others. Classes TBD, Cost is $25 per person.

Class - The Nodes

The North and South Nodes are like the compass points on our Natal Chart . The South Node shows us our gifts and talents that we have brought from other lifetimes. The South Node is our Comfort Zone, what we fall back on, and even what we may have overused in the past. Our North Node shows us how to apply the knowledge from the past in a different way, and represents what we are learning to do in this lifetime. Classes TBD, Cost is $25 per person.

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